Larry T 1953 Chevy PU

A Fathers Memory

Back in the day going everywhere with my Dad in his 1953 Chevy PU. Learned how to drive out in the country roads in it. My Dads pride and love. When he passed away in 1990 I took over the truck. Drove it every day as a daily driver for about 9 years. Then one odd extremely cold day in California and all I had was water in the radiator. The water froze in the motor and split the block in half. I decided then that I would rebuild the old truck and make something special my Dad would be proud of. 10 years later and the truck far from done we adopted 2 children. That's when I looked at the wife and said we need to finish the truck now. She looks back at me and said what ever it takes its your Dads truck. We are very far from wealthy but worked my butt off and finished the truck about a year later. It wasnt without its bumps though. Had a suspension shop damage about every panel on the truck somehow. Yes I just had it painted and HAGERTY was there to help me out. The garage door opener fell off the ceiling and once again HAGERTY was there. An absolutely fabulous bunch of people.

Anyways on to the story. My kids are now 3 and 4 and their favorite time of year is June when Graffiti rolls around and we get to ride around in the truck together. From having Memories, to making friends, to building new memories. I know if I have an issue HAGERTY will be by my side to heylp us through it.

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