steve s 1988 celerbity eurosport vr

very rare

My wife said her dad wanted to buy his sister's car (wife's aunt) and wanted to store it in my garage while they spent winters in Fla. Wife told her dad he was to big (6'5") to fit in it. About a week later the wife told me this story and I asked her what kind of car she had. So I called her up and asked her about it. She said she bought it new in 1988,chevelot celeberty eurosport vr.never head of one,I did some reading on it and saw that the car was to say the least Very Rare. The car has 26,000 miles all original 2door corvette code 81 red. Needless to say I made a trip to her house the next day. bought it for lets say little to nothing.Could sell it for 10 times what i paid but thats not why I bought it,besides it was family.Have had it for 3 yrs. put 3,000 miles on ,no winter driving,Indiana winters and salt just won't work. I love when people ask what kind of car is it. The down side is if I ever get into an accident THEY DON'T MAKE BODY PARTS FOR IT ANY MORE.

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