Roland Z 4 place roadster & pickup

Toys for both

My wife's description of her truck is "A PERFECT GIRLS TRUCK". It's a 36 Ford with a stock 350 with a 350 auto, vintage air, classic gauges, tilt wheel and the cloth interior is gray and coral. The running gear is painted with the outside colors. She loves driving it to car shows and around town.

My is a 32 Ford (I'll call a 2 time rescue) It was started in '99 by a unknown person then in '03 another guy bought it along with his first tools, he did get a lot of help from a buddy but ran out of gas at 72 years of age. Jim added the paint and most of the engine 383 (a stroked 350) along with the turbo 400, wheels and tires. In 2010 I rescued it again, after much rework and adding the windshield, carb. braided gas lines, stainless exhaust, a custom made back seat all new gray and blue leather and some custom shaped mahogany interior trim to match the steering wheel. It has won a few best in class (a couple before being finished) and top 10 trophies.

Thanks Roland & Cindy Zachary

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