Barry P 1965 Rambler American 440 2dr Hardtop Coupe

Had to have another

My first automobile was a 1964 Rambler American 220 two door sedan with a flat six three on the tree no radio no heater. My dad allowed me to by it because it was only $100. The year was 1968 and I was 18 years old and in electronic school in need of a car. The engine of the car was in a foot tub the owner, friend of mine, had taken the engine apart and could not reassemble so he sold it to me. Dad had a shade tree mechanic friend and he put the engine together and I got to help, well watch him assemble the engine. The little Rambler ran good with great fuel economy but was the slowest car I have ever owned. Well as some 18 year olds do I decided to skip school one week end and go fishing with two friends one of which had sold the car to me. We fished all night and caught nothing and were driving home when we all feel asleep. We ran off the road and hit a cement pineapple driveway entrance marker and the little Rambler would never drive again. Now fast forward to 2012 and I get the idea that I need another Rambler! I have to say at this time I have a very understanding and loving wife. We find the present car on E-Bay in Bird City, Kansas and after much talk, E Mails and pictures we make a deal. Linda and I fly one way to Denver, Co. and Loran the owner picks us up and drives us the 185 miles back to his home. The car was everything he said it was and we drive off on vacation for a 1900 plus mile return trip to Westwego La. The little car ran great and the only issue was a slight clutch adjustment in Spring TX. at our son’s home. The little Rambler has won some awards one at the Rambler Convention in Lakewood, CO 2013 and a nice trophy at the Big Easy Mopar Association 2014 spring car show in New Orleans La. It’s an unusual car that folks my age like to see and the younger set of car people always ask what kind of car is that. I also had to get the personalized license plate of “1st ONE”.

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