Bob R 1969 Dodge Charger 2dr Hardtop Coupe

My 69 Dodge Charger:

I first encountered this car in Sept. of 1970, when it belonged to a co-worker. We had just started working at the same location & this car was a new acquisition. Around 1977-78, he decided he wanted to sell the Charger as it needed a brake job and a muffler. My former Father-In-Law was looking for a good used car & I recommended that he buy this Charger. We did the brake job first and he enjoyed roaring around in this car with a blown muffler. We replaced the muffler a few months later.

When my former father-in-law met his demise in the late 1988's, the Charger was sitting out in the street. The transmission was shot, it would only go in reverse, so I loaded it up on a trailer and hauled into work. We rebuilt the engine, overhauled the transmission, got everything working and took it to the body shop to have the dents taken out and have it repainted the original medium green metallic. My former Mother-in-Law gave the car to me, so now it was mine.

I have kept the car as original as possible and all accessories work including the clock and the A/C. I drive this car every weekend & enjoy going out for a brief cruise & return it back to the garage. This car represents my entire professional career and is one of the few unmolested Chargers still out on the road, even retaining its original black plate.

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