Bill M 1923 Ford roadster pickup Hot Rod

Love ( or hate) Story

I have a 1923 Ford Roadster Pickup Hotrod. I've had it for almost 35 years. It never was my wife's favorite car!

One day about 10 years ago, I convinced her to go for a ride with me. She reluctantly agreed.

Wouldn't you know it, we are driving along, wind in our faces, enjoying life. All of a sudded, sputter, sputter, spit, spit, I ran out of gas, We were about a mile from home. No gas gauge; just a stick to check the fuel level in the tank which I forgot to do before we left. This was in the days before cell phones.

So, I coasted to the side of the road and there we sat. So, now what? Then I had to listen to all of the" I told you so's".

There were a couple of houses nearby. I walked over and knocked on the doors but all I got was a barking dog in one of them.

I couldn't leave her there and walk home to get the gas can. Not safe or smart. If I left the car there by itself, it might not be there when we got back.

As luck would have it, just as she was about to kill me, a young teenage girl drove up and asked if we needed help.

What luck. She agreed to give my wife a ride to our house so she could get the car and gas can.

Now I thought, will she ever come back or leave me there for the rest of my life.

Thank goodness she did come back and rescue me. She never let me forget that day.

These days I usually ride alone or with one of my kids or a friend.

Now there a few rules that I made up for me to follow:

1- Check the tank before the trip

2- Bring along my cell phone

3- Make sure there is gas in the can in the garage

I'm in the process of putting in new gauges in the car. There will be a gas gauge in the cluster.

My wife now stays home when I go for a ride to be near the phone. Just in case.

Remember; "Happy Wife, Happy Life".


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