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Dad's Prank

I was in high school and constantly bugging my Dad about buying me a car. He finally brought home a 52 Pontiac that didn't run. "if you want to drive it, fix it." It was dove gray but was so oxidized that it looked like velvet. I restored the paint first and then dove into fixing the engine. After spending all day every day for 3 weeks I was finally ready to try it. Since it was around midnight I decided to wait until morning when I could see what was what. At about 7:30 in the morning I opened the hood, sat down in the car and turned the key. To my surprise it started up immediately. To my horror there was a huge bang and smoke poured out of the hood. I turned the key off and ran to check under the hood. As the smoke cleared I looked toward the house and saw my dad standing at the kitchen window with what can only be decribed as a $&@t-eating grin on his face. He had placed a novelty on the engine.

I was able to return the prank by putting a dead rattlesnake on the passenger floor of his car the following morning. He drove about 20 feet before noticing the snake. His car sure had great brakes......

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    Steve S. Carlsbad, Ca April 9, 2014 at 12:45
    My neighbor Rich had just brought home his long wanted classic a 69 Camaro SS convertable Indy Pace car w/orange racing stripes. On 4/1 I had a large sign next to his driveway "Classic Car Rides - see Stephanie". Spoofing like his teen daughter was in charge, I made sure it had the matching orange stripes on sign.
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    George NJ April 10, 2014 at 07:50
    My friends father was obsessive about checking the oil level on his 55 imperial. The oil level had to be exactly on full. One day my friend and I drained a half a quart. True to form.his dad added a half a quart. We did this there or four time. Then we added a quart. Blew old dad's mind
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    Walter Clark Willcox, Az. April 10, 2014 at 12:50
    Be careful with practical jobs and machinery. I lost a good friend because of someone's practical joke. It cost someone 25 years. It's okay to have fun but machinery has no feeling or mercy.
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    John B Flint April 12, 2014 at 21:01
    I have two. First, a friend had a 55 Chevy and he always displayed his car show trophies in his trunk. While he was away from his car, we replaced his trophies with bowling, golf and horse trophies that we found at a nearby garage sale. it was several hours before he realized the switch. Second, a friend had just torn apart his car so he had nothing to show. We took a bushel basket, filled it with used parts, set the basket out in the show field with his name on the window card next to it. At least he had a good sense of humor. One more, a guy put a for sale sign on his windshield. Little did he know that we made a duplicate sign with a couple less zeros in his asking price.

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