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As a kid, my dad would tell stories about his first car - V8, how the glass packs would rumble, and how the long sleek lines of American muscle cars were unmatched. The only problem was that I grew up in the era of the Minivan and all of my friends were modifying their foreign cars. Better stereos often outweighed performance. I always wanted something different.

After college, I drove my standard import car back and forth to work. The drives were underwhelming. As a recent college graduate, I had no money but I had big dreams. I set a goal to buy a classic American muscle car. I wanted something timeless. I wanted something that would be cool forever. I spent hours researching classic American muscle cars online and going to car shows. I found myself attracted to the Mopar B-Body style. There's something about the stance, the length, the lines, and history that attracted me.

It took me 5yrs to save enough money to buy a project car. And during those five years, I also fell in love. Without questioning it, I used all of that car money to buy her an engagement ring. The best purchase I ever made. Although my wife isn't a car enthusiast, she supports me and my love for cars.

A wedding, a new house, and a new baby, and a few years passed before we saved enough money and bought that project car - a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner. We've now owned the Road Runner for 4yrs and it's gone through a complete transformation. It will never be finished, but that's a part of the fun.

Now I have the girl, the car and two boys who are already big fans of American muscle cars. "There's nothing like the sound of a V8 muscle car." (as my dad would say). I’m excited to pass the love of classic cars to another generation.

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