Mario B 1954 Ford Crestline Skyliner 2dr Hardtop

My Favorite Toy

Here is my 1954 Ford Skyliner. Before I adopted her around 15 years ago, she was sitting in my friends back yard for many years. There was body damage to the right front fender and drivers door and there was no motor or transmission. I placed a Ford 428 Police Interceptor with tri-power and a C6 transmission and did the restoration. The hood is an original showroom hood made by ford. The hood was given to the ford dealers to put on one of their new skyliners in their showroom to show off fords frist V8 overhead valve motor that came out that year without opening the hood. The hoods was not to be sold with any of the vehicles and were to be returned to ford or destroyed at the end of 1954. Very few half glass top (as they were called) Skyliners and the hoods exist today. The car is a dream to drive and it gets a lot of attention.

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