ANTHONY B 1964 Ford F-100 1/2 Ton 2dr Styleside Short Bed

The Family Owned Work Truck that Lives On 3 Generations.

My son loves truck, cars, boats and anything that is cool as he would say. I am a very proud and happy father of two boys. I grew up with three very special Fatherly car guy roll models that had me in a drivers seat at a ripe age. I try to keep thier memory going and telling my son that papa's truck is his.

I had plenty of summer's working at my papa's big rig alignment shop. My VW Bug spent more time there than it should of parked next to my papa's all original one owner 1964 F100. He bought it brand new to haul parts around the shop. He started his business in the 50's and even built his shop himself with the help of his best friend and my other papa. They both put so much into his shop and this truck.

The passing of my younger brother who lost his battle to cancer, then four months later the tragic lost of my mother and the loss of my father one year later put us closer. My papa was all I had left and his shop was all we had left including his truck. He used his truck for forty plus years and put over 200k miles on it before he retired it and started the restoration. This was a mild resto that he did to get it back to what you see. His best friend and neighbor refinished the wood bed. He said in his own words " I picked at it when I could ".

The local paper even did an article on him and his truck. I have kept that article close to me, so when the time I saw my aunt had it up For Sale at the old shop. I called and made this dream of ownership a reality. I had this truck trailered up and now it is my garage for us to enjoy. I plan on keeping this in the family and passing it down. I can only hope that this truck means as much to my sons as it did to me and my brother. Let the memories begin!

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