joe d 1955 Chevrolet 150 2dr Sedan

my 1955 chevy 150 2dr sedan 235/123

when I was 13 years old I would guard my neighbors 1955 chevy. the car I loved so much even at my young age. my neighbor would come out of his house and say hey joey are you guarding my car again and I would say yes sir I am. then he would laugh and say joey some day I bet you will have a 1955 chevy and he was right . I have a 1955 chevy 150 2dr 6 cyl engine 235/123 completely restored and I am 66 years old and I love my chevy just as mucu as much as my neighbors 1955. I also have another classic car and I am proud to say they are insured by hagerty insurance. I just got through waching frank hagertys video and this inspired me to share my story because of my deep passion for my 1955 chevy my condolences go out to the entire hagerty family I will close by saying CLASSIC CARS FOREVER. SINCERELY JOE DRAGON BRISTOL CT.

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