Bob F Gran Torino Elite


I've been a car guy all my life. I never had the time, room, knowledge, or money to pursue my dream of building or just owning a real classic car. My brother-in-law is a collector and I have followed his journey for the past 40 years. He and I have had many road trips picking up old classics that he purchased around the country. I had been married to his sister for 31 years until her passing August of 2013. My wife new of my love for vintage tin but we never purchased anything, until last summer. At her memorial service in northern Wisconsin, a fellow friend and collector came to the service with a 76 Ford, Gran Torino Elite, with 34,000 miles on it. He bought it at a estate sale and it was for sale. This untouched, perfect in every way, almost 40 year old classic, had my name and Linda's all over it. I purchased this beauty, had it serviced and checked out and got in it and drove it home 1000 miles. I named her "Linda" and we are going to continue our journey down the two lanes as planned. Good to have her in my arms again. Thank You.

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