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The Big Three

I restored all three cars, and they are now family heirlooms. My Uncle would drive me home from 4th grade in the 63 Vette. Numbers matching, factory 4 speed, original fuelie car. He drove it as a daily driver for 30 years. What a Life. In 2013 I replaced the frame with a new frame made from the original factory tooling. My Uncle is around 70 now, he enjoys his car and I look fwd. to changing his next frame.

The 67 Shelby Clone is the Wife’s car. 67 Shelby was always her favorite. The car was a California car, 289 C code, C4 tranny, Ford 9 inch. 63,300 mile, body was as good as the day it rolled out of the factory. I brought the car home in a 14 foot U-Haul with a trailer. It was totally disassembled, bagged, and boxed for about 15 years. Perfect foundation to build a clone. I did it right. Original FOMOCO parts where ever possible; correct Shelby repro-parts as required. At a car show a Guy asked the Wife and I if we were rich. I said NO, instead of a Divorce I bought her a Shelby. It’s Cheaper!

The 69 Super Bee is my favorite. Numbers matching 383, factory 4 speed, 323 Sure-grip. Original A4 Silver Metallic car with the N96 Ramcharger Induction System. Broadcast sheet with original order form from the Dealer. It was driven 6 years, then stored 18 years in a barn in Wisconsin. It was a good, complete, original, driver when I bought it. I restored it to a solid number 2 condition car. It’s my Favorite.

All cars are now Family heirlooms for the next generations to own & enjoy, and I hope each generation can add to the family heirlooms.

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    gt350t north jersey March 21, 2014 at 08:19
    good stories!

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