randy k 1965 Ford Mustang 2dr Convertible

It had to be done

As a child, I grew up next to a Ford dealer and I guess I spent my days waiting for the transporter to come and deliver cars. So from a very young age, I knew what a Mustang was.

I was approximately 5 and my parents were looking for a second car: a mustang convertible. While visiting a neighboring town, we drove by a lot and I yelled out "there's one". My parents turned the car around and that is how my family became the owners of a 1965 Ivy Green Mustang convertible. It was 1968 at the time.

Over the years, this car was my dad's work car and became iconic with our family and the small town of Pocahonta, Iowa. All three of us kids and half of our cousins leaned to drive in that car and learned the skills of a manual transmission. We were hard on it, but not as hard as the Iowa winters. A quick bondo restoration was done on the car in the 1980s and the car was painted red. Over time, the floor fell out, the paint chipped off, and the car itself was just a heap. A well loved heap.

Two years ago, my father was diagnosed with cancer. The 'Stang was given to me. I set off to restore the car and to get it finished in time for my father to see it restored and beauitful. After 2 years, and a bit too much money, the car was finished. And back to Ivy Green. Conincidentally, my father recovered too. Both proud to still be with us.

The car now lives an easy life. Homecomeing parades where the third generation of our family rides in the car; special car shows. If that car could talk ... well something most of us that grew up with the car are happy cannot happen. Its a member of the family and always will be.

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