Mike W 68 Camaro Pro Touring

Flashback Camaro

I bought this car after getting a loan from our local credit union (with my Dad's co signature) when I was 18yrs old for $1,200.00. 33 years, a lot of busted knuckles, miles, and money later, my Camaro and I are still together. I once heard it said by someone who had owned their car for a very long time, that when they sat behind the wheel of that car, they were looking through the eyes of a sixteen year old. I could really relate to that because when I get behind the wheel of my Camaro, I flashback through 33 years of some pretty great memories, one of which were my drag racing days at several west coast drag strips with my then 427 cubic inch rat motor under the hood (huge smile on my face right now). I'm hopeful that my son turns into the gear head I am and someday takes the wheel of this car and cherishes it as much as I do and remembers the days working on this car with his Dad as I remember the days working on this car with my Dad. The Camaro has been through various restorations over the years but most recently, I decided to upgrade the car into a corner carving "full on" pro touring car. The engine is a 6.0L LS with Z06 internals, heads etc. backed by a Tremec TKO 600 five speed. Out back is a Hot Rods to Hell Centerdrive Truckarm suspension, with 9" (Track 9) high tensile (High Form 50/Spec A715) steel rear end, Strange Lightweight Aluminum Center Section (with 35 spline spool, 3.89 steel (8620) gear set with Chrome Moly Yoke, and QA1 coil over shocks. Up front is a custom sub-frame complete with C5 Corvette upper and lower A-arms and spindles, QA1 coil over shocks, and Speedway 1 ¾ sway bar. Wheels are Forgeline 3pc billet (black powder-coat centers, polished outers). (front) 18x9 (rear) 18x11 riding on Toyo Proxes R888 255/35 ZR 18s (front) 335/30 ZR 18s (rear). I tried keeping the interior as stock as possible with a deluxe 68 Camaro interior by covering the custom seats in 68 Camaro style upholstery and custom kick panels and rear package tray to accommodate a very nice sound system complete with ARC Audio amps and a 14 inch sub-woofer. I also replaced the stock gauges with Autometer's console gauge package as well as Autometer's MPH and Tach in the dash in place of the factory gauges. Fuel is delivered by a Rick's 304 grade 17 gallon stainless steel fuel tank. Tying it all together is a custom 6 point (weld in) roll cage with multiple integral gussets. Electrons are transported via a Painless wiring 18 circuit body harness and lighting the way in the darkness, are custom fit Detroit Speed and Engineering (DSE) Xenon HID lights. There's more but I think the info provided paints the picture that not one single screw, nut, or bolt, hasn't been refurbished, replaced or modified on this incredibly amazing car. Originally, a rally green color, the paint was slightly modified with a silver base coat that resulted in a rally green emerald gem that you can almost see yourself walking through. The black SS hockey stripe ties in with the road racing black center Forgelines and blacked out lower rocker panel and tail panel. These days, everyone seems to be naming their cars/car projects so I decide to name mine "Sarge" in memory of my Father who was a decorated U.S. Army Master Sergeant Combat Veteran (Korea/Vietnam) and who served his Country proudly for nearly 30 years. This car also honors those who serve and have served this great country allowing us the freedoms (among many) to pursue our automotive passions. Thank you!

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    Kalyn Michigan March 27, 2014 at 14:53
    Thank you for sharing your story!

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