Rance N 1970 Lincoln Continental Mk III 2dr Coupe

The Lovely Lincoln Mark III That Almost Got Away

Ever since I saw my first Mark III in 1969, I knew I had to have one. Of course, in those days, I was a lowly Mechanical Engineer working in the aerospace industry and to be able to afford one of these "dream cars" was not to be until this past year! Yes, it took 45 years to finally acquire my 1970 "Mark"! The one I have is gold in color with a dark green vinyl roof with only 57,000 actual miles on it. It was something that I had to have and now as I drive around Payson, Arizona where I reside, everyone has taken notice of this classic vehicle. I have always owned a Lincoln product; in this case, a classic 2002 Lincoln Town Car (Cartier), and of course, it is show room condition as well!

It brings back memories for me as many times I would see this year Mark III somewhere in my Air Force travels around the globe, the Mark III would show up. Many foreigners own a Mark III, but the one I saw, of all places was in Keflavik, Iceland! Some lucky individual actually owned one of these beauties! Even in Europe, I would catch a glimpse of a Mark but I never really believed I would one day own my own! Yes, they are big, heavy and love to "drink" gas, since under the hood is a 460 cubic inch, 365 HP engine! Still, to be able to drive this beautiful "beast" makes me feel proud and most likely some of the people I know here probably are envious of my car.

My neighbors are always complimenting me on such a beautiful piece of auto history. One even offered to buy it from me but I would say politely; " it took me 45 years to acquire this classic and if you think for one minute I would sell it to you or anyone else, you must be on cheap drugs"! So, I have what I always wanted and hope it will last me as long as I am able to drive this classic automobile and feel that I am the only person in town that actually owns one of these historical vehicles. To bad, Lincoln would not come out with something similar to the Mark III, but today, most cars built by Lincoln as well as other car manufacturers, have that "European" concept which doesn't really impress me; hence, my 2002 Town Car still has that old style look, sort of! So much of my story and acquisition of my dream finally coming true!!!!

Rance A. Nethken

MSgt, USAF/ret.

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