Jan W

From Swinging 70s London to Long Island

In 1968, when I was 21, I moved to London to work in Hampstead, an up-market but also bohemian area, with artists and actors. One lunchtime I was standing outside my favorite pub, the Flask, when I heard a rumble and this out-of-the-world car came by. I was bowled over by its styling and eventually discovered that it was a Jensen Interceptor. I wasn't much of a car person then - you didn't need a car in London and when we did get one it wasn't much of a car, a used Morris 1100 - but I did know that it was way out of my class.

We moved to the USA in 1986 and to Long Island in 1987. I still didn't have much a car you would write home about - this time a Subaru Legacy station wagon - but ut was fine. Then I decided it needed replacing and was looking on eBay when for some reason, that memory of the Interceptor resurfaced and I idly searched for one. And there it was - a white 1974 Mk III.

So, after a little research and help from the Jensen Owners Club, I put in a minimum bid, assuring my wife that I was certain to be outbid. Except, of course I wasn't! Which is why, after 40 years, a symbol of the swinging London of the 70s ended up in my driveway, with me leaning out of the window grinning with pleasure.

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