ART R 1972 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus

She left me for love, friends brought her back.

In 1994, I bought this 72 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus. Brakes locked up, smoking motor, and slipping transmission were a few of the problems. Over the next 4 years, I rebuilt and upgraded the 360, transmission, corrected the brakes and put on a new paint job. She was beautiful, fast, and I loved her.

In 2001, a son was born to my wife and I. He grew into a little boy who was fascinated with wheels. We took multiple trips together to car shows in both a baby and a booster seat.

In late 2002, he developed a growth in his neck requiring surgery to remove the tumor. At the time of the surgery, I was laid off without insurance but Jacob came before anything else. Surgery was successful but the hospital bills buried us quickly. By spring of 2003, although making payments on the bills, we saw no end in sight.

The Plymouth was put up for sale. A young man from Emporia, KS saw the car and a deal was struck. I grudgingly handed over the keys with the thought that the car was gone forever.

In April of 2012, a college friend called me up. He claimed that he had found my car and it was for sale. Unbelieving, I asked him to snap a couple photos and send them to me. From the photos, IT WAS MY CAR!

As soon as I could, I called the number for the seller. He knew very little about the car other than the guy who owned it before needed cash fast and sold the car to him. Interior was thrashed, not running, and rust cancer had developed on the a pillars and under the rear glass. I made an offer, sight unseen, and he accepted. A cashiers check was on its way the next day.

Another friend and I made the 720 mile trip to recover the car. It was in sad shape. Rodents has eaten all the rubber and wiring under the hood and must have set up house in the interior. If my wife would have seen it, she would have considered me crazy to bring the hulk home.

Over the next year, I repaired the wiring and hoses, put in new interior, repaired the brakes, and put on new paint. She made her rebirth six months after she pulled in my driveway again.

With the help of my friends, my "Green B" came back to me.

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    John Johnson Rowlett, TX March 26, 2014 at 16:31
    Reminds me of one my Dad had that looked just like it. He bought it new in late 71. It was a 318 car with a Torque Flite on the column. I talked him (at 16) in to putting 1st generation Torque Thrust Mags on it - they made the car! He sold it to my brother who sold it to my college rooom mate who sold it. Would give anything to get it back. What a reat looking car! I'm a Mopar collector
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    kevbug tx March 26, 2014 at 19:00
    What this mad did to help his sun is very noble but unfortunatly in vain. Unless you have a very rare rolls royce or the like, doctor bills will swallow and spit out most car sales even valuable collector car sales and still owe them a ton of $$$$ then your left with no car and still big bills . i would say keep the car and work with the doc's on payments. Admittidly i have never been faced with such a decision but would hope i would not go the route this guy took
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    Jim Wickline Illinois March 26, 2014 at 20:06
    Mopars are like family. There always welcome to come back.
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    Chuck Hammond Santa Rosa, Ca. March 26, 2014 at 21:50
    I loved the story! Reminds me of my Daughters 68 Charger. When I found it setting in the weeds, I saw it's beauty. I bought it, fixed it up for my oldest Daughter (she loved it). Only thing is that I lost that daughter in a car crash! she was not in the charger, if she had been she would not have lost it in the last BAD rain of the season! Because the Charger was in need of new tires, I had her drive a different car I just had fixed up. It was a Rabbit 2 door, the worst mistake of my life! She hit a bad puddle, on a curve and skidded into a telephone pole! Her friend has permanent damage to her right arm and Debbie is gone! My lesson, DON'T buy small cars! I only wish that I had not sold her Charger! I would love to know if it is still alive!?
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    Yankee don Trion ga March 27, 2014 at 16:30
    Great story hope u and your son enjoy your molar for a long time
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    Ray Miller Kingman AZ. March 27, 2014 at 10:06
    Man I love it glad you found your baby. Brings tears to my eyes
  • 7
    Kevin Abu Dhabi, UAE March 30, 2014 at 09:33
    Good sorry, it reminds me of why we all should value Obamacare!

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