Bailey S 1968 Ford Mustang GT 2dr Coupe

Nyx - A Diva, A Goddess, but Never a Queen

I wasn't shopping for a classic. I was shopping for a truck. Something decent, but not perfect, that I could drive through the Minnesota winters without much worry if something should happen to it. Just a four-wheel-drive-nothing-special so I could store my first car, my beloved '98 Mustang, through the winters. Naturally, it was while cruising used car lots looking for such a truck that I found her.

I didn't even notice at first, my eyes were on the row of still-out-of-my-budget pickups over to my right. Rounding the corner, I caught sight of an '08 Mustang, grey and black, sleek and pretty. At the same time, my dad and brother start talking about the Mustang up ahead. I think they're talking about the '08, so I pay little attention. Then I see what they're looking at. Straight ahead is a beautiful black '68 Mustang, with that just-right stance and meaty tires. We checked the tag in the window, and carried on our way. That night, I ran the numbers to see if I could afford the $9000 the seller was asking.

Two days later, I went back to the dealership. A salesman caught me looking at her, and brought the keys with him when he came out. To be fair, he also brought the keys to the '73 Corvette that was sitting right next to her, but he didn't need them. He got in and started her up, and I was in love. The throaty rumble coming from that 302 V8 was pure music. I spent a few minutes with the car, looking it over for those problem areas that are so typical on Minnesota cars. I even gave the Vette a once-over, since I was there.

I was sold. I went home and looked for what to name my soon-to-be new classic car. I knew I wanted a name from ancient mythology. Norse, Greek, Roman, it didn't matter. That's when I saw Nyx. The Greek goddess of night. A female figure of great power and beauty. Perfect.

Once I had the name, I started looking for funding. Unfortunately, I didn't have $9000 just sitting around, so I needed a bank's help. Problem was, I didn't have any loan history. Apparently this is where paying for college without student loans came back to haunt me. Seven banks turned me down. Finally, the owner of the dealership the car was at pulled some strings with the bank they do their financing through. It's a complicated story, but the short version is that the bank thought I bought an '04 Chevy Silverado, not a '68 Ford Mustang.

$1000 down, $250 a month for three years, she was all mine. I had achieved the dream I had since I was 13 years old of owning a classic car. The previous owner had done a lot of the restoration work, but it was still a little rough. I wanted a driveable project, and that's exactly what I got. I've put a lot of miles on in the four years I've owned her, been to a lot of shows, made a lot of friends in the classic car world, made some memories. She's part of my family now, and there's no way I'm giving her up.

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