Dave K 1930 Ford Model A 2dr Roadster

My Dream of a Model A Realized

Back when I was a grade school kid, my brother had a Model B. Once in a while he would take the little brother along for a spin. I always thought a Model A or B would be so great to own and drive. But I always thought it was just a dream. After I married my wife, I told her about my dream. She said the only version we could afford was a six inch car for the shelf in the garage. So I kinda forgot about the whole idea for a long time.

Then one day I was looking though the Nickel Adds at cars and noticed a 1930 Model A Roadster for sale or trade. When my wife got home from work I showed it to her. Her response was that we could only afford one car payment at a time. When I suggested selling the five year old deluxe Ford Ranger (only 20,000 miles) she bought me with some inheritance monies, she said maybe that would be an option. Boy was she surprised the next day when she came home and saw a for sale sign on the truck. She then reminded me that the add said " or trade for equal value". So I called the gentleman that had listed the car. At first he did not think there was even close to equal value, until he started pricing a new truck that was similar in style. Then all of a sudden he was interested in talking.

So we drove our Ranger the 200 plus miles to go see the Model A up close and take it for a test drive. I really fell in the love with the car on first sight. I had never driven a car that you had to double clutch to shift gears. Hence the test drive was a little bumpy. We finally settled on a trade that involved me also giving him $1,000. But he thought we should arrange to trailer the Model A to our home. About that time, I suggested my wife take the car for a test drive. She started driving an old farm tractor at age five that had a engine similar to the Model A. So when they got back from the test drive, the gentleman said she could drive the car home. Boy did we turn heads coming up Interstate 5 on the way home. So just weeks before my 62 Birthday, my dream of a Model A finally came true.

The first thing I did after we got the car home was to get the oil changed and the car lubed. That brought to light a series of mechanical issues that needed to be addressed. Once the old lubricants were replaced, things really started to shake. When you would try to stop, you would wonder if you were going to leave nuts and pieces all over the road. Once all the mechanical issues were solved, we took the roadster out on a number of road trips. That first summer we went to Mount Rainer, The Dalles and the Oregon Coast. Oh what fun we had.

Then we started working through the body issues to remove all dents and rust. The car was totally taken apart and striped down to bare metal. It took seven years and lots of help from friends in the Four Barrels Model A Club to get it restored. It could have been done faster, if my pension check had been larger. The car still has a 1931 Model A engine that has been rebuilt and mechanical brakes. There have been a few modifications under the hood, but only to safely increase the horsepower without harming the engine.

Shortly after the restoration was finished, we bought a mini pop-up tent trailer that weighs only 250 pounds. We have driven it over 10,000 miles since then. We still take the car out for shows and shorter trips, but knee replacement ended our using the tent trailer.

It was really cool a couple of years ago when our car was selected for the Solid Rock Cruisers Christian Car Club's annual calendar. The October calendar pages still grace the wall in our bedroom.

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