Tom G 1970 Ford Mustang 2dr SportsRoof

Late night with the blind

Well, you wanted catchy. I'm not in the habit of naming cars, however my '70 Sportsroof earned it's moniker. I got it from a guy out in the Poconos, way out in the country. I left on a Saturday morning, spent a fair amount of time just tracking the guy down and another large chunk of time looking the car over and then driving it to a nearby, or what passes for nearby out in the Poconos, garage to put it on a lift to check the floors and so on. We settled on a price, went to a local (same kind of local) notary to do the paperwork and then back to the guys house to pick up the car and goodies. By the time I was ready to drive home, it was fairly late at night and VERY dark on the wooded unlit roads. It was then that I discovered that while I had, of course, checked that all the lights worked earlier, the left headlight was pointed down at the ground directly in front of the car and the right headlight was pointed way off up in the trees to the right. It was an interesting drive home, to say the least. And so, my '70 Fastback EARNED its nickname, "Marty Feldman."

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