David K 1958 Triumph TR3A 2dr Roadster

First Car

"Blue TR" was the first car I bought on my own. It was the fall of 1964 and I wanted a car that I could call my own. The family car that I was driving was a 1957 Chevy Nomad Wagon. No respectable 18year old wanted to be caught dead in a station wagon. I really had fallen in love with English sports cars and hen I saw this blue TR3A on the side of a yard with a for sale sign I knew I had to have it. Made a deal with the owner for 400.00 .The car was rough but it ran and I felt great when I was in it driving down the road. Lots of stories and adventures latter I still get the same feeling when I drive this car. After 50 years the thrill has not worn off and I drive it as much as possible. I have owned many cars over the years but nothing has come close to making me sell my "BLUE TR".

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