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The catapillar turns into a pretty butterly

Age nineteen and my first car--1966 Mustang convertible. Had the car only four days. Thanks to a drunken driver and a rear end collision my time with it was short lived. Those few days in that car set me on my path of only wanting more Mustangs. In the years following I bought two more 66's.

After getting married in 1983 a "68" fell into our life. Through eleven years the car gave a lot pleasure to our family. The collape of the front suspension ended its life. My daughter cried when I told her the car had to be put down. The engine from the 68 gave a 1973 Mustang a new life. Bought in 1991 with it's trivetrain trashed this car was our new love.

I decided in 1993 to start a restortation of the sevety-three Mustang. A friend of mine with some body work experience said he would help me during the process. Three years later and untold hours logged, the "Grabber Blue" beast was finished. Fresh paint and a rebuilt engine and drivetrain the car has went from a slow runner to a old man's little hot rod.

I'm one of those boys who hasn't got a lot of money to spend or a fancy body man to restore a car but with what I did I think a Pretty good job was done by me .The car now has about 15 or so years on it's rework but I think it still is in real good shape, Of course I'd like to do more with it but now days money is even harder to come by. My daughter wants me to repaint it back to the Gray it was before I pass on and she takes it. Ha Ha !!!

Right now it' my "Pud-in-tang" and i'm still going to drive it a few more miles and love every minute of it. Enjoy !!!!

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