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Better Than the Pictures

The personal story submitted by Jerry P recently about his 1937 Ford got me thinking. You see, Jerry and his best friend Joe R have another story to tell.

It is a familiar theme. A mix of nostalgia and disappointment in not holding on to some cars that now are THE ONES. The ones of all of them that you should have held on to. Oh, you have some pictures, starting to fade, and for many of the cars, no pictures. But for the ones I'm going to tell you about I have pictures. That was important.

A number of years ago Joe bounced an idea off me. Joe would build me a l/18 scale Model of the 40 Coupe I have now that would not only duplicate the color, but all the subtle parts of this car. He used multiple models for parts, matched the paint and wheels, did a lot of special fabricating. The result, the model is perfect. However, it is not one of the two I wish I had.

The problem was there were no kits or models of these two cars available. It was to be a combination of modification and fabrication. I jumped at the offer and Joe began construction of the first one. A 1954 Jaguar XK 140 with a Cadillac engine that we road raced in the early 60's. Yes a Cadillac. The story of that swap is for another time. A basic XK model was found, no small feat in itself, then another models' Cadillac engine with the dual quads that we ran was found. He duplicated the engine in every way and installed it in the Jag model. The hood and doors are functional and with the hood up, you can see the engine just as it was. The paint, car numbers and wheels, it is all there. A 1/18 scale Jagillac. It is almost mind boggling to hear what transpired finding a Jag XK Model, which was the starting point. After that, special parts, donor parts from all over the country. Patience and quality. Looking at it you can see this is a "Special Labor of Love".

The second one was more subtle, a 1933 Ford, 3 window Coupe. Caddy powered also. On this Project Joe teamed up with Jerry P, referenced above. Teamed as Goss Automotive LLC, they did something amazing. It sounds straightforward. A 33/34 Ford model build. Interior, engine, gauges, wheels and paint, although difficult to duplicate, were not the crowning achievement.The biggest technical challenge was un-chopping the top of the 1/18 scale 1934 model that was the start of this project. Yes, to our knowledge all the 34 Coupe models are based on chopped cars. No standard un-chopped models exist as far as they were able to determine.. Think about this, top, doors, windows, windshield and all the associated parts of them, had to have the missing material made and installed. All hand fabricated. The result is amazing. This car is in paint now and it is unbelievable what has been done. It may be the only 33/34, 3 window Ford model with a stock top. I cannot do justice to these efforts in this story. Delivery of the finished model is literally a month away.

No, I don't have the real cars, but I have something so much better than pictures. Every time I look at them I smile and go back to a great time in my life.

I have pictures of the finished Jagillac, and construction pictures of the 33 model. I can email them, but do not know how to attach them to this story. Not a computer guy. If you would like them, please let me know. Oh , please edit as required if you use this story.

Thank you,

Roy R

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