kurt g 1966 Ford Thunderbird 2dr Convertible

"The Lady Is Mine"

I saved up for quite a while. Looked at pictures of it, dreamt about what it would be like to go rolling through the neighborhood in it. Even the In-Focus machine in the PLC room at work, reminded me of her, because it was the same color.

Then that one day came. Took a Greyhound to Austin, TX. Went to the bank and then purchased he from a life long friend, "Too Low.".

He showed me the eccentricities of owning a Classic 66 T-Bird and I saw him watching, forlornly in the rear-view mirror as I drove away,

On the drive home, I got 6 Thumbs-up! from drivers passing or pulling up alongside.

Had the skirts and the hub caps in the trunk. Drove with the windows open the entire 4 hours trip to Dallas. Half way to Waco, I realized I wished my home was about 9 hours away instead of only 4 hours.

No longer is she the "thunderchicken." She is now "Lady Bird."

I have plans for her. In time, she will be given a complete makeover. I will keep you updated on her progress. k

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