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What's in a name?

Sunshine is the name the original owner gave her bright yellow new car in 1973. She was a young school teacher who drove the car to work daily for 15 years. Then, not wanting to part with her first car she and her husband had it restored by Walt Miles of New Paris, Pa in 1989. An appearance at Super Jam '89 in Hershey, Pa won Sunshine "Best Paint" award and a feature in VW Trends magazine's October issue. But the show life was not to be for Sunshine, and for the next 20+ years she spent most of the time lovingly covered in a dry dark barn. Then in 2011, a decision by the original owner was made to part with Sunshine and I became her caretaker. An aproximate 100 mile ride home went very well and revealed a few small issues but overall a very well preserved classic beetle. Within weeks, Sunshine was showing her stuff at car shows and once again winning awards and making people smile. I guess that's the best part of her nickname, it's not just her color...she really brightens people's day! She even has her own facebook page:!/1973VWSunshine

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