Thomas W 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce 2dr Convertible


We have owned several Alfas (my wife says that "ALFA" stands for "Always Looking For Another"), and we thought we were running out of good Italian names. However, knowing that the time might come when it left us stranded or something "fell-off" as we went down the road, we needed a good exclamatory phrase in Italian to shout when something happened, so we decided on "Santa Maria la Madre di Jesu!" That is "HOLY MARY, MOTHER OF JESUS!" I know that it is sacrilegious, but it fits so well, we had to use that name. Actually, my Alfa is in great shape, has only 47,000 original miles and still puts a smile on your face. Plus, nothing has fallen off her yet, so no need for our Italian phrase! So call her "Maria!"

Thomas W.

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