Greg S 1979 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

Dreams Can Come True

Let me start my story by explaining my enfatuation with cars. I grew up with a car crazy Father who had us driving by the time we were ten and naming every car on the road. In addition, we had a wonderful uncle who restored classic cars. We would visit Uncle Ray frequently and play with his collection which consisted of ten antique automobiles ranging from a 1903 curved dash Oldsmobile to a 1927 Pierce Arrow (my favorite). Even as youngsters, Uncle Ray would gladly hand us the keys to whatever vehicles we wanted to take a closer look at and at times would even take a short drive down the long private road leading to his home. It was an automotive wonderland for my Brothers and I. During my youth, I had posters of Corvette's (my dream car) plastered all over my bedroom walls. The years went by, my Brothers and I grew older and moved to different corners of the Country. Uncle Ray passed away, but we never forgot the wonderful times we had at his home and the love of automobiles he instilled in each of us.

Although I loved classic cars and Corvette's, owning one always seemed out of reach as there were always more practicle needs. I was lucky enough to be married to a wonderful woman for ten years before she passed away from Cancer in 2009. Toward the end of my wife's five year battle with cancer she insisted that I buy the car of my dreams after she die because "life is just too short". About six months after she passed away, I stumbled on a 1979 Corvette that was owned by a relative of a coworker. The car had been purchased by his Aunt in 1979, although was not driven much after she suffered a back injury in 1982. The car had only 18,000 original miles on it, but needed a lot of work due to lack of use. After a year long restoration, the car looks better than it did in 1979. My current wife and I are now lucky enough to own three Corvette's. We take them to shows, drive and enjoy them and not a day goes by that I don't remember the fact that I would not have this enjoyment in my life had I not listened to these words.... "Life is just too short".

Thanks for letting me tell my story.



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