Jim K 1967 Cadillac DeVille 2dr Convertible

BELLE the Princess

This 1967 Sudan Beige DeVille was built in Detroit and delivered new to its original owner in Arizona. After 18 years in the sun she was brought back to Michigan and resided in the Traverse City area. This car has been well cared for during its 47 years and we were able to adopt it in 2007. On its first day sitting in our driveway it reminded me of my granddaughter's favorite story of "Beauty and the Beast." This Deville, with its long flowing fenders in soft beige, looked like the princess but under the hood was the 429 cubic inches with 390 horse power. Hence she became known affectionately as Belle. She has participated in several shows in Michigan over the years and a few parades. We love taking her out for people to see and appreciate. There is no mistaking her as a Cadillac.

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