charles d 1958 MG Magnette 4dr Sedan

The "Chick" Magnette

While showing my Alfa Romeo at a British car show, the wife spotted the cutest car she had ever seen. Apparently she hadn't see the line up of Nash Metros yet. The car she saw was MG ZB Magnette. It stuck out like a shiny jewel amongst a sea of MGB's. I had to admit it was indeed a fine car. Well being the president of a British car club we felt it was time to get a British car. So the search began. The wife finally found a gray over maroon Magnette on eBay and it was just 10 miles from our daughters house but was also 400 miles from our house. We sent the daughter over to check it out. She was so impressed with the early American brothel interior she said we just had to get it. (BTW sending the daughter to inspect a car was a bad move).

We were not the highest bidder. Shucks, Then came a phone call from the owner. Apparently the high bidder had welched on the deal. In a matter of minutes we became the new owners. When we arrived to pick up the car we discovered why the high bidder had welched on the deal. No matter the wife loved it so that was that.

Apparently the car had sat unloved for decades. To get the car road worthy would be a lot of work. Since the wife said she would help we both started in. About 1/2 way through the work the wife became ill and passed away shortly thereafter. The poor "Chick" Magnette sat unloved again.

It was not until a new love came into my life that things changed. She loved the car and said she would help getting it on the road We worked side by side to bring new life into the poor dejected MG. Little did I know that my new love had eyes on the "Chick" Magnette being our get away car for our wedding.

Since then we have been showing the "Chick" Magnette in all of it's barn find glory, brothel interior and all. It's always a crowd pleaser no matter where we go. Folks will walk past the exotic super cars and rows of Rolls Royces to stop and take pictures of our lowly "Chick" Magnette The "Chick" Magnette is a real a keeper, and so is the wife.

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