Mike P 1953 Willys M38A1

Silly Willys

First I want to tell you that this is a far cry from the M38A1 that the US Army used. This Jeep was originally hotrodded back in the early 70's. The story I heard was that the original owners wife totaled there Ford LTD, so he toke the 390, C6 trany and 9" rear end, from the wrecked LTD added a narrowed Econoline straight axle up front and fit them into the jeep. It basically was set up like a Gasser. A friend of my younger brother bought it and beat the daylights out of it (it was known as the Roadrunner killer because it was so fast) After out running the local police one night it was parked in his garage for about 10 years. My brother then located it and purchased it from his old friend. He replaced the engine and trany with a 283 and powerglide. It then sat in his garage for 12 years. I purchased it from my brother in 2006 got it street-able and drove it for a year. (it looked like a ratrod) A week after Back to the 50's car show in St. Paul, MN in June 2007 the reverse went out of the jeep. I was careful of where I parked for the rest of the summer. In late Oct. of 2007 I removed the front clip so I could pull the trany for repair. Well after the trany was repaired I was looking at the body and decided to clean it up a bit to make it look better. I started to do some body work and decided to take the 8 remaining bolts out to remove the tub to make it easier to repair. the body was turning out real nice so I decided to clean up the frame. As you can see where this is going I ended up doing a complete off frame restoration myself. I went to a local auto parts supply store that offered a DIY auto painting class after which I painted the jeep myself. I reassembled the jeep made a few more custom improvements and was back on the road by the end of April 2008.

After I finished it I was taking my 7 year old grand daughter for a ride and she said " PaPa there is no doors, no windows, no roof, this is a "SILLY WILLYS" and that is how my hot rod Jeep got its name.

Still smiling after after over 8,000 miles of fun

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