Jack W 1972 Ford F-100

Rolling Therapy Truck

Rolling Therapy Truck

After spending most of my life in the automotive repair business, I retired, sold my tools, and decided to take it easy.

Early in 2009 my doctor gave me the news that I had cancer. All that have been there when the Doctor says that the results of the tests are positive can attest, those words are life changing. After talking with the oncologist, he realized that I was getting depressed. He suggested that I get some sort of hobby to keep my mind off of the upcoming 9 weeks of daily Radiology I was facing.

Based on my work background (even though it had been 10 years since I turned a wrench) he suggested “An old car to work on”. Seeing no dirt under my fingernails, he said it was time to change that!

Scouring the online classifieds, I found my 1972 Ford F-100. Freshly up to Ohio from its former home in Texas. Well worn, but solid, I was off on my “Rolling Therapy”.

The ailing original 360 was replaced with a “surprise” 390 pulled from a later model F-100. The surprise turned out to be the engine was actually a recently factory rebuilt 335HP 390GT!

The scrapes and dents acquired from many years of use were removed from the cab and bed prior to being repainted. Although my intention was to change to a bright red, another “surprise” awaited! The original 1972 color chart did not include black paint! This color was only offered by way of a DSO, or Fleet order. Another “surprise”! There were only 900 f-100’s produced in ’72 - so the “Rolling Therapy truck” was happily given a base coat/clear coat of deep Raven Black.

Like most restorations it is an on-going project. Hopefully the interior will be finished this year.

My cancer is now in full remission but my “rolling therapy” will continue for many more years.

After all, Life’s Better in a Classic!

Jack W

1972 Ford F100 Pickup

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    Larry ohio March 6, 2014 at 15:01
    I know Jack and this truck, and it's a real gem. Jack has put a lot of love ( and money) in it and it shows it.

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