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Carley the Camaro

I just finished restoring my '68 Camaro last spring when my buddy and his little girl stopped by to see it. As we were talking, she was walking around and around the car. Finally she came over and asked me what I named it. I told her that I really hadn't thought about it cause I don't usually name my cars (only when something goes wrong and you can't print what I call them!). She was a big fan of the "Cars" movie, where all of the cartoon cars had names, and said I HAD to name it. When I asked her what HER name was, she said "Carly". Okay, that's it, it will be "Carley the Camaro". I never saw anybody so excited! Her face lit up and she couldn't wait to go tell all her friends! I took the car to her house last summer on her 11th birthday and took her for a ride. Her grandma told me that's all she talked about for a week!

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    Bruce Albert ramsey March 6, 2014 at 21:59
    Great story, great car, was that a 2 bbl. or 4bbl. 327? I had turned many 327 4 bolt main cars into screamers with 283 cranks (305 CU in.) and 1 big or 2 4bbl carbs and bigger valves and cams to 600+ HP
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    mrbill tacoma March 6, 2014 at 22:17
    looks like she'll be a heart breaker. 2 Carlys to goooo.

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