Dick G 1980 Triumph TR8 2dr Convertible

Better than ever.

There aren't many real TR8's around. Never were. It was Triumph's last gasp and they finally got most of it right only to suffer yet another British union strike and that did them in. So, only a touch over 2,000 convertibles were made and this one lived most of it's life in Maine until the doctor who had it passed away. Another Maine guy started the restoration with the assistance of TR8 expert Woody Cooper in Raynham, MA. He did some engine upgrades as he raced Audi's but the Mrs. wanted it turned into a truck so I happened upon it at a time when a fun summer car was appealing. I'd owned several big Healeys but the prices were way high and this at least ran. So the process began. The engine was tweeked with a 3/4 cam, 10.25-1 compression, an Edlebrock manifold with a Webber Competition 4-Bbl, headers and free-flow 2-1/2 exhaust with nice Monza dual tip chrome resonators exiting. Over the following years the interior got redone, Panasport-type wheels and larger tires went on, the engine got cleaned up with new wiring, Offenhauser valve covers and finally a total repaint in a metallic that matched the original Persimmon Green. The very good and patient body man counted 41 dents in the driver's door he fixed. And the rest was like that as well. A fender dent had been badly bondo'd, the hood had 4 layers of paint that crackled and it all had to be stripped down to metal. Now it shines, it's straight and dent free and just plain fun in the sun. A survivor and better than ever.

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