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AMXCITED - The Car, the Girl, and The Storm

In the '60's, I was an American Motors kid. My family worked for AMC and I grew up around Ramblers, Americans, Ambassadors, Rebels; you name it, and we had one. In 1964 I had a Rambler Classic 660 sedan; in 1965 I had a red Ambassador 990 convertible; in 1967 I had a Rebel SST hardtop. The one I didn't have was an AMX. I drove them, but never owned one.

In 1968, I was going to college full time, working two jobs and paying off the AMC Rebel I owned. When the 1969 AMX came out, I was in way over my head and I had to make a a very important choice. Boy I loved that car! Should I marry the girl I was engaged to or buy a new AMX. Boy I loved that girl! ! Easy choice! I got married.

After that I strayed, not from the girl, but from the AMC marque. Kids, a house, work; just like everyone else, life took over.

Fast forward 40 plus years. I'm about to turn 60 and my wife (that girl), says to me, you've been whining about that AMX for too long, it's time you got one. I found someone who was actually restoring them, and he built it to my specs. It was like ordering from the factory. I told him what I wanted and he built the car that way. I finally had the AMC I couldn't get back in 1969. 390cu., 4 speed, posi rear, red stripe tires, and the license plate read AMXCITED! What a trip!

Needless to say I was a happy camper and proud of the new addition to my family. Then in 2012, another woman entered my life. Her name was Sandy. She was powerful, manipulative, angry, destructive, unforgiving, reckless, and treacherous. AND superstorm that she was, she decided to drop a 90 foot tree on the garage that held my beloved AMX! Both the garage and car were crushed! Hagerty offered help, but the patient was declared DOA., and the death certificate was signed. Death by total loss.

I was not about to give up so easily. I bought the car back as salvage, and searched for another to take her place. There was none out there that could match her grace and beauty. As luck would have it, I received a call from a guy who said he could put her back together. I had my doubts, but after shipping her away, I at least had hope that someone would return her to her former self. Within a month I received pictures of the repaired and then painted girl (the car not the wife!)I had sent away. She seemed as good as new. My faith restored, the car was delivered to my door and the first ride was as sweet as when I first got her. AMXCITED was back, the girl was still here, and the storm was history. Life is good!

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