Rich S 1974 Dodge Challenger 2dr Hardtop Coupe

the Bucket LIst

Way back in the day, I owned a '72 Challenger Rally with a 340/auto in Gun Metal. Loved the car - hated that it had no air and black vinyl interior - but it was my first new car. My dad used to complain about it if he had to move it - too loud, too low, too everything. After college and geting a job that "required" a suit and tie, sold it for a car with AC. The morning after it was a what did I do moment !

Fast forward MANY years later. Dad passed away & mom isn't doing too well. On one of my trips to see her belofre she also passes, she tells me about Dad's request - that I go find another Challenger. Tis is another What moment but not a comprehensible one. Dad always complained about the Challenger and Mom's reply - he complained about the dog too but it slept on his lap.

So, about a year later, my son (who at the time was about my age when I sold the 72) is trolling on Edmunds and comes across a 74 Challenger in FE5 Red with a 360/auto. IT was a numbers matching car (and still is) and it had A/C. Not exactly what I was looking for but it fit Dad's requirements. So after some dawdling and procrastination, I made a deal for the car - bascially sight unseen except for a very generous chap in Michigan (thanks again Mark !) and the car is shipped to New Jersey and its new home. As you can see from the photo, it was money well spent.

There are many subplots here - my Dad's initial request relayed to me by my Mom before she left us, my son finding the car that his dad had and ultimately being wise enough to realize a good thing when it was presented and my forever gratitude to my folks. Keping with the overall theme, the license plate is BKT LST (bucket list) and she is named Lucy (after my daughters favorite actress, Lucille Ball). The only one who isn't thrilled is my wife, who ironically went on our first date in the 72 - she thinks the whole idea is a bit overboard. However, she doesn't mind after a while when wwe hit the Chatterbox in Augusta, NJ for a Saturday crusie night or stop of ice cream on the way home - cheap dates are always in fashion.

Hope to see you all driving around in NJ if the snow ever disappears !

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