Steve W 1920 Liberty Five Passenger Touring Car Model 10-C

Young Love in "Libby the Liberty," a 1920 Touring Car

My 1920 Liberty Touring Car was restored by my grandfather in the early to middle 1960s. His motivation to restore the car stemmed from the fact that he owned a 1920 Liberty Touring Car as a young man, and as family legend has it, that original Liberty was the car he drove while dating my grandmother. During the 1950's, my grandfather restored a 1930 Model A but he always hoped to find and restore his first real car, a Liberty Touring Car. Sometime in the very early 1960's, he found his dream Liberty in a farmer's barn in Union Town, Pennsylvania. Initially, the farmer did not want to sell the Liberty but over a period of years, my grandfather persisted, writing the farmer letters and even occasionally making "long distance" phone calls to remind the farmer that my grandfather still wanted to purchase the car. Eventually the farmer gave-in and agreed to sell my grandfather the car. My grandfather, an old-time mechanic and a skilled tool and die maker, completed most of the restoration without assistance. He often boasted that all he hired out was the upholstery-work. My grandfather restored the car to match, identically, the car he owned many decades earlier when he and my grandmother were first dating. Both grandparents have long ago passed away but the car remains in the family and is carefully maintained by me, his grandson. We call the car "Libby." Libby the Liberty. It just rolls off the tongue with no effort at all.

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