Tom S 1970 BMW 2002 2dr Sedan

We named her "BABY".

To start, I'd sort of conned my father in to buying a nice, sensible, economy looking car - a BMW 2002, in order to go back and forth to school. He thought it quite a sensible car for a young college man. However, I had other ideas; of scalding the country-side with power slides and late-apex derring do. I knew what this car was about.

It's 1970, just a few years after the "Summer of Love" and I'm going to school at the University of Louisville. As luck would have it, I ran into this gorgeous transfer student from Ole' Miss at the Student Union. She was so gorgeous, that you could only look at her for a few seconds, otherwise you'd burn your retinas out. We soon became an item, moved in together and had the kind of fun that only two healthy kids could have. She had this delightful habit of putting a flower under the windshield wiper of the BMW at opportune moments. We soon started calling the car "Baby". We took Baby all over the country; to a couple of Mardi Gras, Florida for vacation, camping in Montana, all over the place. Baby was also Baby because it was the only reliable transportation we had and we had to make sure Baby was...well, babied.

Inevitably and as fate would have it, we grew apart and she went her own way and I mine. I sold Baby in 1974, took the proceeds and went to S. America. Years later, when I met my wife, I said that if I ever had a chance to buy a BMW 2002, don't be surprised. I searched for twenty years, passing on some very nice examples. But, my luck was in, and boy was it in. I found an all original condition 1970 BMW 2002 with only 18,000 miles, in the same color as my Baby in near perfect condition. Only three months newer than my original car, she was in "as delivered" condition. I couldn't believe it. So, please forgive me if I say; I've got my baby back, baby back, baby back. She sits comfortably next to my GT3, my M5 and my 135i.

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