Dick G

We called it "Big Breather"

This was my first ordered car, a 1971 Pontiac Firebird 455 HO with functional ram air, the Rockcrusher 4-speed, a 3:93 rear, A/C and all the gauges. I put custom Keystone mags on upgrade Goodyear 60-series tires. Yes, it flew. But it coughed and chocked on its own exhaust whenever you backed off the gas. I learned that Pontiac had the same muffler arrangement on all V-8's which led to a common sideways single muffler which then led out to the dual chrome pipes. They cheated, and it strangled the car. So I happened to pass a local Midas shop and asked if they could fix it to full free-flowing duals....and sure they could. So with some nice welding of 36 inch Cherry Bombs replacing the old choker, I had real dual exhaust. Then we let it down off the lift and turned the key. Ooops...a bit loud. Well, actually a lot loud. My neighbor up the street actually gave the Firebird its name as he could hear me coming home when I turned onto the street a half mile away. Yes, I was accelerating away from the light and running up the gears. With the window down. And I wonder why my hearing on the left side isn't as good. Yes, Big Breather lives on.

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