Earle M 1982 El Camino Royal Knight

The Story of our El Camino Royal Knight

The short version:

While showing our 1970 Javelin at the WV Italian Heritage Festival, a fellow collector next to us stuck up a conversation. Rather then chatting about his incredible Corvair step side pick up instead he told us how impressed he was with the obvious care and attention to detail that's gone into Javelin. And thought we'd be interested in a vehicle he had just consigned to a collector car dealership in town. Since the vehicle was so special he wanted it to go to someone that would respect the car and maintain it rather the chop or rod it.

Sounded awesome, though not an AMC - our passion.

Much chatting, appropriate "sounds terrific" comments, our fellow exhibitor called the dealership owner, who in turn called his son, who then went to the dealership, unwrapped the machine and drove it over to the festival.

Oh my god. Not a word of exaggeration. It was (and is) incredible. Two owners (now 3), all original, one re-spray, original documentation including build sheet and LESS THEN original 63K miles. And a great price as well.

It took some time - missed connections signals crossed, nothing serious but the owner drove to Cumberland MD to meet us with our Javelin. The dealership owner hadn't seen Javelin though he'd heard lots about him, we drove him up to take possession of the El Camino Royal Knight.

Well Javelin ("Jarvis" to his friends: from the french proper name for spear or javelin) to meet his adopted brother: El Camino Royal Knight or Sir Lancelot (a Royal Knight) "Lance" to his friends.

Lance is a treasure and he's in good hands. After Jarvis comes out of winter "car camp" (ok restoration garage) Lance is going to visit for a through going over to establish a base line, detain examination for any details that may need watching as to preservation and a full routine check up with new oil, filters etc.

Maybe not an AMC but he gets nearly as much attention driving the roads.

Jarvis' story at some time but that's a 40+ year history of incredible good fortune, way out there birthday idea and unbelievable love. Birds sing, music overwhelms the mountains and stars come out in daytime when I drive that car traveling in time and love.

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