Jim M 1955 M38A1

The Old Vet

All my life I have wanted a Jeep. I learned to drive on my father's jeep as a teenager and I have always loved all things Military.

I bought "The Old Vet" sight unseen on eBay, although I had seen pictures. It wasn't until the car carrier pulled up in front of my house that I really got to see my prized possession. I was NOT disappointed. The markings are that of a 101st Military Police vehicle, complete with red light, siren, working military radio and military ignition (no key, just a switch).

Since I first got the Jeep, I have added several "refinements": New transfer case, original manuals, full canvas (replica doors, top and sides) and new military tires. "The Old Vet" retains it's original 24V electrical system and sports a new replica M1919 air cooled .30 cal. machine gun that I also ordered online. I also added an MP Guidon on the whip antenna. Finally I use a chain through the steering wheel with a padlock to lock it up if I need to.

I immediately drove to the local police department and sheriff's office to "introduce" her to the locals so I didn't cause any concerns as I cruised down the streets with what looks to be a very lethal weapon.

I found some G.I. helmets on eBay that were in the MP design and ordered 2. 1 for my Grandson and one for me.

My Grandson and I love to to take "The Old Vet" to our local Veterans Day parade (largest west of the Mississippi) and it never fails to draw attention. We wear replica uniforms and our helmets and look like "the real thing",

I have used her to pick up my nieces from schools (1 grammar and 1 middle school), after first talking to the principals to get the OK.

The neighbors have gotten used to us wandering around the neighborhood, occasionally letting loose with the siren and with the red light on.

I have been pulled over several times by police and sheriffs who want nothing more than to get a closer look, People continually honk, wave and take pictures with their cell phones.

My Grandson knows that he is to inherit her and I hope he has even 1/3 of the fun and joy "The Old Vet" has brought to me,

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