Suzi W 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 2dr Convertible


I call this my She-Velle. I saw this car sitting in a yard at night after leaving church form my sister's wedding rehearsal. I said to my husband, look, there's a '70 Chevelle in that drive way. He said "you don't know what the *&^% you're talking about". I said, "Yes it was a 70 Chevelle"! The husband without saying another word, turned around and went back to show me I was wrong! When he stopped in front of the house, he said, "holy $%^&, it is a Chevelle". In the morning, I went back to see if it was for sale. It was sitting with the engine and tranny out. The owner happened to be an under class man in my old town that I had gone to school with all during my school years. He sold it to me for a "song and a dance". At the same time of buying this car, I had a '70 hard top with a bench seat that was going to be redone for me, but I decided to keep the rag top....I didn't like bench seats, and sold the hardtop once finished. Really.....I knew the convertible was a special car and knew from the get go this was the '70 I was keeping. I played dumb with the husband when he said to make a decision which one I wanted. I didn't show my enthusiasm about the rag top, I kept a low profile and said, "I might as well keep the convertible because I want bucket seats". I rehabbed the car but it needs total off frame restoration again. Scraped every inch of paint off the body, had it repainted professionally with the correct tuxedo stripes and a new top. It has been 31 years since I bought her, drive her as often as I can and go to a few shows. About 14 years later after I bought the car, I found the original Protector Plate (in a box of "things from the car" that I had put away) and the original owner who bought it in June 1970. I looked him up by calling telephone information (we didn't have a computer to look up a person), and called him. He told me he bought the car brand new, had it only about 6 months, that it had so much power it scared him so he sold it. I thanked him for selling it and told him if I ever drive it back to Vermont, I would stop in and see him and show him the car. That may happen this summer! My son & I traveled to Good Guys Show in Nashville TN in 2010, he in his 1923 Ford Tub convertible. Everything is original including the color inside and out.

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