Al H

Street legal 10 second AMX

I have loved AMC's since the early 70's. I have owned my present 1968 AMX since April 21, 1975. This car has gone through alot. It started life as a 290 auto car. It is now boasting a 401, auto. It will run 10.70's with street tires and full exhaust. I am the 2013 OSCA 10.90 Champion with it. It is a 9.5:1 compression engine that runs on pump gas. It is a remarkable street car. When you race an AMC you get to piss everyone off. All the GM's, Fords and Mopars. Life is good running an AMC. i also own a 1972 AMC Hornet that is all original, paint and interior. Great little car. This past summer I purchased a fully restored 1967 Chrysler Newport Convertible, great cruiser.

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