Clayton P 1978 MG Midget Mk IV 2dr Convertible

Stopped by a bullet

I found this little MG in a farmers field, it was almost impossible getting to it. A friend knew I was into cars and told me about it.....It was ragged and "yellow". I ask the old man why he

had the car in the first place and he said "I thought I could make some money from it", he had no intentions of restoring it.

After pulling it out with a large tow truck through all the mud and ditches I finally got it home.It took about 11 months to get it back in running shape and I wasn't about to drive a yellow car, so I painted it BLUE.

I kept it hid from my young girl friend. When she was present, I always covered the car. She was so young and I was so old, but age didn't matter to us, she made me feel as though I was 18 again!...she was beautiful!!

When I finally did expose the car to her, she teared up, especially when I told her that I had named the car "DENISE"...We had tons of fun in the little car, taking it to the lake, reunions and any place feasible to show it off, she loved to be seen riding with me, her blond hair blowing in the wind and occasionally fighting off a few bugs.

I still have her sitting in a nice quiet, dry garage, but every time I drive it, it brings back a lot of memories that are most unpleasant.....Denise had problems that I wasn't aware of and committed suicide on the 1st of May a bullet stopped it all!!. I can't bare to let another girl sit in her seat, but maybe as time marches on I will think different.Thanks for reading my story.

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