Susan Y

SCAPOD : I'll Never Be Homeless Again

Life hadn't been easy for my rebellious young self; but I finally felt a shaky, determined focus as a single student and soon to be mom when I first saw SCAPOD. A dusty kids playhouse in an autumn backyard down my alley, faded For Sale sign in the side window, curtain hanging askew; alluring in a way I'd never felt for a material object. I inquired and the asking price was, although small, just too high for my impoverished budget. All winter I walked that alley and in the spring tendered a much lower offer. Much to my surprise I became a VW owner and part of an eclectic group I didn't know or care existed. SCAPOD had to be towed one embarrassing block and pushed into my driveway; the two flats, dead battery and mouse ridden carburetor just the beginning of our rocky first year together. That first night though, sitting in the musty camper back fiddling with knobs and exploring cabinets, a complete sense of peace and security washed over me. I realized I had acquired not just a sturdy 100% original vehicle but a unique and wonderful haven. I felt safe for the very first time in my entire life and fell irrevocably in love. In the 23 years since, SCAPOD and I have scoured the Canadian countryside with telescope, kids and dogs; enduring my rookie mechanical ignorance, dangerous storms, engine blow-ups, bodywork, various internal refurbishments and lately, many welcome VW admirers. We've both come a long way since that distant first evening but SCAPOD still thrills my soul every time I get behind the wheel, both of us antiques ready for the next grand escape!

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