Oran W 1969 Pontiac GTO 2dr Coupe

Poor Boy's dream

Purchased in May of 1969, this is the only vehicle my father bought new. At the time he had a 1968 Firebird 400 but wanted a bigger faster vehicle. I purchased the car from him in 1976. I have the dealer original sales receipt, original owner's manual, original warranty card, and a partial build sheet. The GTO was a family driver all it's life until the summer of 1987 when I discovered the frame had a quarter size hole in it on the front right side, rear of the front wheel. Then it sat my barn until 1991 when I took it completely apart save the dash, steering column, headliner, engine, and rear axle. In it's life till then, the vehicle had been sideswiped three times broadsided once, and had a few other smaller nasty experiences. In addition, a loving service service station attendant south of Pittsburgh put something corrosive in the windshield washer reservoir in June of '69. That ruined the paint on the roof and trunk lid but my father did not repair the damage. With lots of surface and through rust, pealed paint, cracked body filler, and dirt, the car was pretty rough when I started in on it. Two children's college educations, a divorce and a second marriage later I finished it off in 2007, sixteen years later. This picture was taken the day I did the last restoration process, new tires and wheels. The car's name "Poor Boy's Dream" is displayed on the front licence holder in matching body color background, gold frame, and gold lettering to go with the Espresso Brown factory color. That title comes from my life experience, and probably that of many others . . . not being able to afford a nice sports vehicle. Now my dream is for real. Save the filling/primering/painting of the body and rebuilding the transmission, I did all the work myself; that includes hoisting the body up in the trusses in my barn so I could walk under and repair the underside, and putting the vehicle back together. Everything was cleaned, prepped, and painted. Full rear quarters and other panels. The interior is original save the carpet and package shelf. With the purchase price in 1976, I have a little less than $10G invested. I drive it almost every nice weekend, adding about 1000 miles per year to the 115,000 miles on the factory engine. Doesn't use much more oil than it did new, about 1 qt per 1000 miles. It is a looker and it is not for sale.

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