William M

My third British Sports Car.

I was given my first British car in December of 1972. It was a 1966 MGB GT. While I was working on getting it road ready, I developed my love of mechanics and auto repair.

My wife Helen wanted a British sports car when we got married. We purchased a 1973 Triumph Spitfire. Out of the shared enjoyment of this car grew my love for Spitfires.

In 2010 while attending the Wheels Across the Pond British car show I again got the bug for another Spitfire after seeing a 1967 or 1968 MK3 Spitfire. That following April I found and purchased my current car. It is a 1970 MK3. I have wanted this specific year and model since I graduated from high school and parked one while working as a valet parking lot attendant.

Nickname: Smurfette (Because she is tiny and blue.)

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