Joe P 1974 Ford Gran Torino Brougham 2dr Hardtop Coupe

My Zebra-3

Those of you that grew up in the 1970's will know what a "Zebra-3" is. At least the ones that loved to watch cop shows tv. My 1974 Ford Gran Torino is my dream car and that cop show is none other than Starsky and Hutch. My love for this car has never stopped and I was lucky enough to find a nice Torino about 5 years ago on ebay. I even sold my other classic car in order to finally get my hands on this baby.

There was always something about the way this car made that show, seeing it slide around corners and squealing the tires was just pure joy. Sure the sounds of the exhaust and tires were just recorded tv magic, but at 11 years old they were anything but. Driving that car was the dream of dreams.

After selling my other car I hit the search pretty hard even driving Torino's in Albuquerque and one in Omaha; I had seen this car on Ebay months earlier. I thought it was gone but apparently that sale did not go through and it was listed again. I made some calls talked to the owner and even talked to a shop that had worked on the car and promptly put in the "buy it now" price. It was mine. The car came from Virginia beach and as luck would have it there was a tropical storm bearing down on the area that next day. So the delivery was pushed back. A couple of weeks later an enclosed trailer pulled up to my Colorado home. Pretty soon all the neighbors were out and the car fired up in the trailer with quite a roar. As it was backed out there was nothing quite as stunning as the viper red paint and that classic "Striped Tomato" brilliant white down the side.

Now having it in my garage for a few years is just plain fantastic. Sure it needed some work here and there what old car doesn't. A redo of the interior and rebuild of the transmission, new tires and wheels and of course adding a fully functional 70's era police siren package is a must have. But overall I couldn't be a better car. We have won a number a trophies, been in parades and even on the local tv news. We are part of a club with over 30 famous cars, the Colorado Movie Cars. We make appearances everywhere around town at events, in shows and displays and even at comic-con.

But the real pleasure of owning my Zebra-3 is taking it out of the garage, down the road for a cruise and getting the honks, getting the thumbs up and seeing people taking pictures of it or posing with it in a parking lot. Of course there is the inevitable question "Are you Starsky or Hutch?" to that I always say, Starsky always drives and so do I so there you go. So go out and get that dream car you won't be disappointed.

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