John R 1989 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT 2dr Convertible

Introducing....ARNOLD 'STANG!

Last year in late September, I had run across an eBay Motors ad for a gorgeous '89 Mustang GT convertible in Vermont....after sending an email to the owner, a lady teacher, we started serious negotiations for me to buy the car.

Only one problem: I still had a 1990 Mustang LX convertible that I was going to have to sell first in order to make the deal complete. No problem there, I put the car on eBay Motors and sold it in 12 hours! The buyer came here to Detroit that weekend with cash, and I signed the title and handed him the keys. He and his daughter climbed in and drove back to Cincinnati right then and there (his wife followed in the minivan, LOL). that I had the cash to buy Arnold (that's his name, Arnold 'Stang), all that was left was to inform my girlfriend I was going to fly out to Vermont and drive the car back. I was going to ask her to drive me to the airport, but she had a better idea....why don't we BOTH fly out there and do the road trip back to Motown together? What a great idea!

Can't fly into Vermont close to where we had to go, so we had to fly into New Hampshirt and take a 2 hour bus ride there....we had a nice, relaxing ride in The Dog (Greyhound, for those of you who aren't familiar with that moniker) through the New Hampshire and Vermont countryside with all the rolling hills and wonderful scenery, and it gave us time to talk and rest up for the remainder of our trip over the next 2 days.....

The seller, her husband and two kids met us at the Greyhound station with the car, where we got acquainted a bit, got a little more history on the car and I had a chance to go over it, checking tires, fluid levels, lights, etc., before we hit the road. I pulled into a gas station next to the bus terminal and topped off the tank, we hit the local fast food place, and pointed the car west (actually, south first) toward home.

We stopped in western New York state for the night at a nice little Mom & Pop motel, got some food, a shower, and a good night's sleep. Up the next morning at 7am, we packed the car up and drove until we found a diner where we got a tremendous breakfast, coffee and chatted with the locals there for a while, then climbed back into Arnold for the remainder of the drive home.

The car performed flawlessly, we got to spend time together just enjoying each other's company, as well as the incredible scenery of the Green Mountains, New York State, Pennsylvania (not for long), then into Ohio and back to Michigan, where it's just 1 hour from the state line to our home, and Arnold's new garage. Three days of togetherness, music (I packed the XM radio setup in my suitcase), wonderful scenery, and riding in a very, VERY cool car that we plan on doing a full cosmetic restoration on this year, inside and out, as soon as the income tax money comes in! We'll start with the paintjob, new Cobra R wheels, new convertible top, seat covers and foam, and carpeting. (That'll take all summer for us to do right there, eh?)

Oh....and the "Arnold 'Stang" moniker was my girl's idea....our other car, a 1986 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe (with under 5000 original miles), is known as "Ms. Fabulous Thunderbird"....and I was at a loss for a name for the Mustang, when Elaine came up with the "Arnold" idea. It instantly stuck, and everyone who knows just who Arnold Stang was at the car shows (remember CHUNKY candy bars, and his famous, "CHUNKY- what-a-chunk-0'-chocolate!" line?) gets a good laugh out of it.

This car is a wonderful driver, dependable, very cool, and is going to be a real head turner when it's done. We can't wait to get the work completed, where Elaine will drive Arnold, and I'll be in Ms. Fabulous, going down Woodward Avenue this August during the DREAM CRUISE.

So, I'm now looking for someone to do an airbrushed front license plate with "Arnold 'Stang" on it....if you're in Royal Oak this fall, see a sharp blue Mustang GT with that license on the front, stop by and say HI.

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