Richard S. P 1979 Lincoln Continental Mk V 2dr Coupe

Charlie's Blue Mark - Old Blue

My first Lincoln was a brand new 78 4 door triple Wedgewood Blue, Paint,Vinyl Top, and blue interior. I traded each year for a while continued buying then leasing Lincoln Town cars. I now have my second MKZ a 2013 model. My brother Charlie loved the old Marks, 3,4,and 5's. He had 2 of them stolen but continued to replace them. The last one was a Mark V Triple Wedgewood Blue. Needless to say it was a beauty and he kept it that way. He purchased it in 1998-9 in Tennesee, he lives in Kentucky. I told him many times that if he ever wanted to sell it, call me. Probably about 5/6 years ago I very seriously made him an offer but he said he still drives it didn't want to sell. Due to ill health, the death of his wife, advancing age,( he is now 83) he called me in 2010 and told me the Mark was mine. Of cross I asked him how much and he said he put it in his will, and would not hear of me giving him anything for it. Boy was I surprised.

Then about about a year or so later he called and said that since he didn't drive it much and he was having health problems with his legs that I should come down and get it someday. I had been planning to go down anyhow to help out some when he had one of his surgeries, which I did then. Then I planned how I could come and drive it home, but it was an old car and I wasn't too familiar with it, plus 1 was in my late 70's also with some health problems. Not good to fly down and drive back alone, and I plaaned on staying a while and couldn't get someone to go with me to drive my present car back and follow me in Charlie's Mark. So I did drive down alone and had a friend fly down just before I was coming back to drive/follow me back home.

I acquired Old Blue as I some times call it but it probably will still be called Charlie's Mark for a long time. It is all original and I don't know of any major faults, as I have had new Tires, Brakes/Rotors, Antenna, fuel sending unit (gas gauge didn't work) and light switch(vacumn) replaced. Also has the Vinyl top (paint/dye) redone as original had faded. Looks great. Plan to have the engine compartment detailed and a new sound insulator put in. Some minor tune up, maybe carb adjustments or rebuilt, and maybe a new radiator. Its a great cruiser and drives nice, mileage isn't great but the head cranks make up for all that. Its 3'' shorter than my first 78 Lincoln that I had to alter the garage to get it in.

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